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Arlette Premium Condoms created for true connoisseurs. Each type of condom Arlette Premium has a pronounced advantage. Stylish, elegant packaging with six condoms is very comfortable, elegant and has no analogues on the market

Arlette Premium Super Light

Super thin latex condoms with a thickness not exceeding 0.04 mm.
Give your feelings the most sensual emotions.
Size: 185х52х0,04 mm

Arlette Premium Super Longer

Prolonging condoms twice anesthetic.
Will please fans of the long enjoyment.
Size: 185х52х0,06 mm

Arlette Premium Super XXL

Smooth condoms increased size.
For owners of large charisma.
Size: 200х54х0,06 mm


  1. Aroma - every kind of «Arlette» condom has a pleasant aroma.
  2. Packaging design - modern, stylish, comfortable, high-quality and expensive.
  3. The color scheme and numbering - every type of packaging «Arlette» condom has its own color, and numbered from 1 to 5, which greatly facilitates the perception of the consumer goods and the purchase of the product.
  4. Positioning - premium quality - in the middle price segment.
  5. Size - all «Arlette» condoms have a length of 185 mm, 5 mm longer than other brands.
  6. Prices - at 10-15% lower than competitors in its price niche.
  7. Packing №6 - which has no analogues on the market, the size of a cigarette pack is identical and it is very convenient to carry in a purse or pocket.