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Myths about condoms and their debunking

Myth №1 - «You can be infected or become pregnant, even using a condom"

Condom use reduces the risk as much as possible to get pregnant and infected with genital infection.

Myth №2 - «Sex in a condom - that smell flowers in a gas mask ..."

It is not true. Since 90% of the pleasures of sexual intercourse falls on mutual affection rather than friction. In these days of technology we reached the point that the thickness of the latex is so thin that it is almost not felt during sex.

Myth №3 - «Condoms are only two size- large and small ..."

It's a delusion! They are divided into three groups: the width of 48-50 mm, 51-53 mm and 54-56 mm. Regular condom 18-20 cm long.

Myth №4 - «Most condoms are made good in Europe, all the rest - sucks"

This is not true! Condoms are made of latex, it is based on - the juice of rubber trees, and it grows in South-East Asia, and most Europeans have there factories or bought condoms in these regions. Therefore, almost all the condoms from Thailand, Malaysia, India, etc.

Torn condom can any manufacturer. The probability of an average of 2-3%

Myth №5 - «A condom can also be infected with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS ..."

With correct condom use - is an effective means for the prevention of genital infections, including AIDS. Fact! Risk of catching HIV through unprotected heterosexual sex with an infected partner is 1 to 900 (1 900 infected contacts). Condoms reduce the risk of infection by 78% - 1 case of infection in the 4,000 dangerous sex.

Myth №6 - «Sexual intercourse without a condom is good for women's health ..."

This is true. Since the male semen contains many useful components, such as hormones, proteins, and salts. In intercourse, they are absorbed into the vaginal wall into the blood and improve metabolism.

Myth №7 - «Everyone can use condoms ..."

This is not quite true. Wear something he will be able each, but due to improper condom use on a monthly basis will give hundreds of weeping, that they have not started "these days." Still, there are problems due to allergies to various kinds of lubricant composition or material of manufacture.

Myth №8 - «Condoms should buy men ..."

The logic behind this myth is this: the one who puts on, and he should buy. But according to statistics more than a third of buyers of condoms - women.

Myth №9 - «Married couples can not use condoms ..."

If a married couple, in their reasons for not planning to have a baby, they also use condoms to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Also, you can pick up an infection not only from your partner, but also in transport, swimming pool, gym, clinic, etc. The herpes virus can for example be a person, not being shown, however, the second partner is exposed. Also do not forget about the low-quality analysis, as well as infections (eg, AIDS), in which there is an incubation period.

Myth №10 - «The virus size is much smaller than the pores of latex ...»

The virus may exist only in the liquid droplet! Therefore, you need to understand the physics, through which the water does not seep through the condom. Certainly, the pores are actually HO! The condom is not made of a latex layer, and pores in each layer are shifted relative to each other. And there are at least 50 layers.

- At such sizes intermolecular interactions (? Or surface tension) does not allow the water to flow
- The water does not seep through the condom
- The virus can exist only in the liquid droplet!