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Major errors in condom use

  1. Condom put on in the process of sexual intercourse. In 15% of cases the condom is removed before its completion.
  2. Improperly dressed. Inside out, the drive inside.
  3. No space for storage. The condom is put back to back.
  4. Using the wrong size condom (more or less) - often leads to its rupture or slippage.
  5. Do not use two condoms at the same time. The friction of the two latex surfaces against each other greatly increases the risk of rupture of both.
  6. For anal sex, you need to use special condoms. And it is not just a marketing ploy: they are actually stronger.
  7. In the transition from anal sex to vaginal strongly recommended to change the condom. The microflora of them is different, and you are serious health risk.
  8. Damage to the condom at the time of opening. Do not tear the condom package teeth, nails and sharp objects.
  9. If intercourse lasts long, the condom is desirable to change every half hour.
  10. Using condoms with lubricants oil (fat) basis, such as vaseline, hand cream or baby lotion, massage oil or lipstick. Use only water-based lubricant - not just water or saliva, and special lubricant.